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Keeping your books in order is a key piece to running a healthy, successful business. Without bookkeeping, you’re driving blind like a car without a gas gauge. Sure, the car is driving fine, but who knows how long before you have to pull over and wait for a friend to bring a jerrycan.

Benefits of out sourcing

Here are the main reasons to outsource bookkeeping services:

• No Visa Costs
• No Hiring Costs
• No Gratuities
• No Annual Leaves
• No End of Employment Settlements
• Medical Insurance
• No office space required for Finance Staff
• Flexible payment as per activity level

• Focus on your Business
• No back office work distraction
• You are not in business of doing accounting
• Reduced time spent on administrative staff

• Highly Skilled Staff
• Wide Range of Experience
• Right Level Staff for Task at Hand
• Access to Expert Finance Staff Advise whenever required
• Ability to manage office and project staff

• No longer dependant on Individuals
• Periodic Rotation of Staff
• No risk of data theft
• Segregation of duties means reduced risk of fraud

How we do it ?

• Bookkeeping Service
• CFO Services
• Tax (VAT & Excise Accounting)
• Controller Services
• Accounting System & Integration
• Payroll Management

• Ledgers
• Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Statements
• Ageing Analysis
• Ratio Analysis
• Asset Accounting
• Inventory Reports